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Uncle Be's Is a family run business, We started catering to our clients over 10 years ago. Our experience in food has given us the knowledge to become one of the leading specialist in Cultural food. Over many years our food has became more popular and the demand for our product has grown, So now we are proud to say we have diversified our brand to share our packaged products with you our valued customer. Although are products are new to the market. Andrew Dekannwarri chef and lead food specialist will be developing more handcraft products with lots of unique  flavours to bring sauces, marinades and dry rubs to food lovers everywhere. We source the finest chillies, herbs, spices, oils, vinegars and other natural ingredients and lovingly prepare each and everyone of our recipes at Uncle be's.

Perfect for foodies and for all occasions. . Our products are as versatile as they are unique, with many possibilities each bottle encourages you to explore and to create your own recipes with the help of uncle be's.

Our intentions are to keep our clientele elite and also unique so our customers get the quality , as our customers appreciate the quality and uniqueness of our products and we do not wish to dilute that. It’s all about the taste, with fine natural ingredients lovingly crafted using unique recipes to bring immediate flavour to meat, fish and vegetables. They are perfect for experimenting with: use as a glaze, in a Brown stew or fried chicken , stir fry or as a barbecue sauce, marinade or dip. Recipes are supplied to give some ideas to start you off! All off our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans We are the versatile food company striving to create mouthwatering lip=smacking cultural food. 

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