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N.H.S   Discount Voucher  Codes

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How It Works.

Simple you need to work for the N.H.S use your email address to apply. sign up here buy the course you won't follow the instruction and choose voucher code its as easy as that.

For enquiries about the N.H.S voucher scheme give Andrew a call on 0151 947-0767 or drop us a line by e-mail Andrew will be happy to help. 

N.H.S   Discount  Voucher Scheme.

The forward Learnings N.H.S discount voucher scheme Is aimed at giving our dedicated key workers and the N.H.S some light relief in there ongoing mandatory train. Whether you are training for that new career in social care, Or you just need that refresher course forward learning can help  forward learning your e-learning partner is subsidizing your course price by 50%  

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