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Uncle B's offers training and consultation services online for e-learning courses in the food sector.

We are offering workshops for our customers in the northwest of England, making use of the best of materials. Our workshops are excellent quality education which is progressively useful for the grooming of young and enthusiastic minds in the industry. Our workshops engage the youth in our communities by educating them in the hospitality industry mentoring them and providing them with knowledge and the skillset to become the next batch of excellent Catering staff the industry needs

They are also helpful in team building, bringing staff together, thereby helping to set a standard and improve workplace productivity.

In this workshop, we will show some of the most popular African and West Indies dishes as inspired by the traditional food and their flavours. Learn the theory behind cooking techniques and apply what has been learned at home or in class is just one of the benefits. Andrews class is not an ordinary cooking lesson, but a source of innovative ideas: an immersion in the world of African and Caribbean food and wine, starting from the taste. Andrew will teach all students how to do the original African Drop Doughnuts, Caribbean Pepperpot, homemade African Chicken Stew, Roast Pork, and delicious African Jollof rice.

In short, Andrew is offering his clients the opportunity to take part in a master workshop that can provide in several different locations throughout Liverpool; these are aiming directly to educate students in the art of African and Caribbean food.

 The Cultural workshop combines entry-level course perfect for beginners, home Cooks that want to learn. It is also suitable for chefs that already have knowledge but want to polish their skills  Incorporating

What you get for your money !


Forward learning easy to use online e-learning courses in food safety level 1 & 2


The Workshop Will Feature the ultimate smell test :

  • forward learning smelling class is the opening section of the workshop, we explore the smell and taste of ingredients, spices and oils herbs, their medicinal properties, and how they impact the flavour of different dishes. We will teach the mechanism of tasting some spice and oils to give a detailed understanding of how they work with different foods.


  • The kitchen:

  • Here we will familiarize with the equipment and utensils that are proper for the cooking procedures of the African and Caribbean delicacies, such as Pestle and Mortar, Grinding stone, to release the natural flavour and taste.


  • Live cookery demonstration:

  •  an interactive and step-by-step cooking demonstration is showing the group the procedures and methods used to prepare the chosen dishes. It will give room for questions and Answers for better and a more engaging understanding of African & West Indian cooking.


  • Food tasting session:

  •  Here, we get to taste the food as a group, group engagement and progressive learning and the art of food and recipe tasting. Andrew will teach some of the things to watch out for when tasting and cooking African & West Indian food each student will get to take home a taste of Africa & The West India's in a doggy bag


  • Recipe Cards & Case notes:

  • Recipe cards are excellent tools for Progressive learning. Andrews team will post this information on the forward learning blog page weekly

  • Chefs Own Spice Blend ( Cultural All- Spice Chefs blend of 10 spices roasted and blended to perfection )

  • Educational E-books on healthy eating subjects, Mental Awareness, delivered to you by email When you start your food safety course


Whether the students are looking to start there own African and Caribbean food business or the need to polish up some culinary skill, or just learning for personal and home use, or for whatever reason it may be, this workshop is designed to enhance the skills in the preparation of African & West Indian cuisine.

This Workshop is designed for a maximum of 15 students per session price at 45.00 pp ( each workshop will last for six hours) a minimum of ten people will apply

Maximum of 15 people per Class

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Team Building

Here to mentor, our youths in the community bring education in catering while educating the learns in cultural food. building confidence and providing stability and engaging knowledge teaching them a widely recognised skillset

Healthy eating is the main focus of our workshops.

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