Covid 19 & Unemployment - Is Now A Good Time To Learn New Skills?

With most of the country heading back into some form of Coronavirus restrictions, our summer of (semi) freedom is over and it looks like we will once again be spending more time at home. With the situation being so uncertain, we might be in for a winter of days at home so many people will be looking for more activities to fill their time.

During the initial lockdown at the start of this year, lots of people took to online learning for a variety of courses, from their usual yoga classes to perhaps learning a new skill – it’s fair to say that distance learning has seen an unusually high surge in popularity this year.

That looks set to continue this winter but what should people be learning? Something to amuse themselves? Or with concerns around employment looming, is now a good time to learn a new skill?

Unemployment In The UK

Due to various factors (we aren’t here to discuss politics!), many people are in precarious situations with employment. It’s hard to find exact figures for the unemployment rate right now but the BBC reported a couple of weeks ago that the rate for June to August was 4.5% (Office for National Statistics ONS).

The figure is now out of date so is likely to be much higher, but the 0.4% increase over the previous three-month period means that 1.5 million people who can work, were unemployed.

This coming weekend, the government furlough scheme is set to end, raising fears that many more people are about to become unemployed. Around 2 million people are still being supported by the furlough scheme and there are worries that the new government assistance for employers set to replace the furlough scheme just won’t be enough to save everyone’s jobs.

Learning New Skills To Enhance Employability

The news that so many people are already unemployed or are facing unemployment is sad. Especially as we are now in the run-up to Christmas and people may be struggling with mental health issues as we become separated from friends and family.

What can people facing unemployment do? Is now a good time to learn a new skill or even take an online course which complements your existing skillset? Although unemployed people may feel disheartened, learning is a great way to boost self-esteem and increase their chances of finding another job.

If you believe it will be difficult to find employment in a role identical to your last, taking an online course may be a great way to boost your chances of transitioning into another role, especially if it is an area you don’t have any experience.

In addition, there are online courses that work across many sectors and will look great on your CV. For example:

Customer service skills – good customer service skills are essential in a wide variety of jobs. Our online customer service course will give you a great understanding of what good customer service is. This can be really handy knowledge to have for interviews as a lot of employers will ask you questions based around customer experience.

Developing Teamwork – our online teamwork course is another one that can be applied across many different types of business. Good teamwork is essential in any organisation, and again, is quite often a topic which comes up in interviews.

Basic Fire Safety Awareness – an online course around health and safety topics is a great way to add to your skillset. Yes, it might not be directly related to the position you want but in a competitive interview environment, having skills such as fire safety awareness might just give you an edge over another candidate.

If you are determined to find a job role similar to your last or at least want to stay in the same sector, adding a new relevant qualification to your CV is a great way to show employers that you are committed to ongoing learning and improving your skillset.

For example, if your previous role was in hospitality and you want to stay in that area, learning via an accredited online course in a relevant way will complement the work experience you have. Choose something like our Allergen Awareness online course, or a Level 1 Food Safety certificate as the knowledge these courses contain will be applicable across a wide range of hospitality settings.

Forward Learning – Your E-Learning Partner

In conclusion, we feel that although it will be disheartening to be in a position of unemployment, using the time we will likely be spending at home in the near future to learn a new skill or boost your knowledge is the way forward.

All our courses are CPD approved, easy to follow along with online, and great value for money! We have a wide range of online courses, from health and safety courses to business skills that are essential in all workplaces.

We also offer a free trial so if you aren’t satisfied with our fun, engaging online courses, there is no obligation to pay anything. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call on 07383439763 or email

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