What Skills Do You Need To Work In The Care Sector?

Most entry-level jobs in the care sector don’t require you to have any formal qualifications as your values are usually the most important. However, if you want to get a taste of what a career in care will be like, enhance your knowledge or give your CV a boost, there are plenty of care industry-specific courses on offer.

In this week’s blog, we look at some of the skills needed to work in the care sector, and what sort of courses, including eLearning courses are available.

Skills in the Care Sector

If you’re thinking about a job in care, some of the most important skills you will need are what are referred to as ‘core skills’. These include:

English Skills

· Reading

· Writing

· Speaking

· Listening

Numeracy Skills

· Perform calculations

· Record numbers and times

· Understand measurements

· Use timetables

Digital Skills

· Find digital information

· Complete eLearning

In addition, it is important that you can work as part of a team but aren’t afraid to use your initiative. Some problem-solving skills will probably be needed too.

As mentioned, formal qualification isn’t normally required for an entry-level care job as your values matter more.

This means what type of person you are and what interests you about working in care.

A basic need for those in the care sector is a desire to…well…care for people!

If you enjoy looking after other people, have good listening skills, can clearly communicate and feel motivated by making a difference to someone else’s life, care could be the perfect career for you.

You must also be prepared to learn and complete courses when you work in care – each type of job and employer will have their own guidelines on care, that may include internal training courses or online courses, but will include the essentials such as a Care Certificate.

The care industry is governed by strict rules and there are established and approved ways to do things. This means you need to be open-minded and always willing to learn and improve.

Training Courses For Those In Health & Care

Once you have a job in care or the health sector, there are varied courses you can complete, depending on what sector you work in, your role and where you want to progress to.

Some useful courses to complete include;

Dignity & Privacy eLearning Course

Handling Information in a Care Setting Course

Duty Of Care Certificate

Infection Control

The above courses are especially useful as they can apply to a wide range of settings in the health and care settings. The knowledge you learn will be easily transferable between positions.

If you intend to work within care home settings, Basic Fire Safety Awareness for Care Homes would also be a good course for you to complete.

There are also many awareness type courses you can take that will be applicable in care positions. Such as;

Autism Awareness

Dementia Awareness

Epilepsy Awareness

Another option is to further your knowledge in special areas, for example;

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

End of Life Care

All of the courses above are available to book on our website.

Whatever route you choose to take into care or course to take, we wish you a happy and rewarding career.

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